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Thinking of Switching to a Different IT Provider? We Can Help!

We all appreciate a good story, and we like to highlight stories that our Nerds have shared with us about their clients. We make a point to not mention names, as that\’s not the point. We hope you will read these stories and relate to them, and hopefully consider Nerds On Site as your IT partner of choice!
A new client in Johannesburg called us one day recently in South Africa. They were having internet connectivity issues.
\”The IT business they had that was looking after their IT support had been struggling for 2 days without success. \” said Bruce Collins, a Nerd in Johannesburg. \”It was a Thursday afternoon that I went through to them to have a look at the setup. I resolved their internet connectivity with a new router.\”
Since then, Bruce has installed 4 routers. 3 of which went to office branches, and 1 went to one of the business owners\’ houses.
\”I have replaced 4 UPS units and installed NOD32 on all their workstations, and resolved server update problems they were experiencing.\” Bruce said.
They have also made the decision to cancel the contract with their current IT provider, and have Nerds On Site support their IT needs going forward.
They also made a point to say they appreciate our suggestions and feedback on improving their business and how they use technology.
\”The help and assistance I have provided is greatly appreciated as well as the suggestion I have made to help improve their business is something he has been looking for, and they asked me to continue with those suggestions.\”
[Bruce Collins contributed to this post. He is a Nerd based in Johannesburg, South Africa]

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