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Top 3 TechTips for the Holidays

I don\’t know anyone who isn\’t caught up in the holiday spirit by now. Getting together with family and exchanging gifts certainly is one of the highlights most of us enjoy. From our team at Nerds On Site, here are some techtips you may enjoy or find useful and add to your office or home enjoyment.

    1. Tracking Santa. cnet did a great article on Four great ways to track Santa this Christmas. This one is great fun for everyone at work and at home.


    1. Letters To Santa (and videos in return). A Dear Santa letter was found 100 years later in Ireland which has warmth written all over it. Kids all over are writing Santa and now apparently Santa sends video emails back. So for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, someone near to your heart, spend a few minutes filling in some details and voilá, you\’ve got a personally-greeted and customized video ready to be sent. Just for fun, if you\’re old-fashioned, read this letter to Santa for a good laugh.


  • Batteries. I know it never fails in my family, perhaps you\’re a better planner. But with little kids and the variety of batteries required these days, there\’s always a shortage of batteries by the evening of December 25th, and again the first or second week of January. So it\’s not too late to get a good deal on batteries at a place like (not available in SA). Please be environmentally responsible and recycle old batteries properly. any electronic stores offer free recycling of old batteries.

BONUS TIP: If some of your family is not with you in person, consider having a video chat to include them in some of your family time. Three easy ways were just published in our previous blog posting.
Merry Christmas from the Nerds!

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