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TWINN Security News March 29, 2021

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Big Tech\’s danger to kids finally aligns Democrats, Republicans. This fact of danger isn’t news to anyone I know, but what a lesson it is for all of us, that we must be diligent long before politicians get involved.

Software vendors would have to disclose breaches. Disclosure requirements in Canada are actually old news, but that’s not the case elsewhere.

Ransomwared Bank Tells Customers It Lost Their SSNs. This is yet another breach caused by Accellion file transfer service compromise.

APT Encounters of the Third Kind. As I’m glued to this articulation, the entire time I’m just agasp that an operation of this magnitude apparently has no egress control?

Ransomware gang leaks data from US military contractor the PDI Group. There\’s no escaping the impact of ransomware anymore. Prevention is key.

Did you know? 

Google\’s top security teams unilaterally shut down a counterterrorism operation. The decision to block an “expert” level cyberattack has caused controversy inside Google after it emerged that the hackers in question were working for a US ally.

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