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Two New Levels of Hack Protection

\"WooThemesIn a world increasingly moving to the \’cloud\’, more and more of our data is becoming vulnerable to hackers. In the past week, Facebook, Apple and two high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked, just to name 4 instances.
There is no such thing as a hack-proof web server, but our team is working hard to make our Business hosting as resilient as possible. We take a lot of precautions to limit our attack surface, that is, to limit the number of doors a hacker can knock on to try and hack our client\’s sites. (See this tutorial to see how we lock down FTP: We take many other precautions, including partnering with CloudFlare to help prevent known malicious users from accessing our servers.
Knowing that there is no way to keep a determined hacker out, we also employ a wide-range of methods to detect malicious activity so that our team can stop and fix it as quickly as possible. We\’ve talked in the past about our hack detection ( and some of our other advanced security measures (
Today, our team is announcing two more additional levels of protection and detection, and both are being added to our Business hosting for no additional charge, and are also applied to all our existing Business hosting accounts. First, we\’ve partnered with to randomly scan a different hosting account each day for the presence of malware and viruses. also checks 6 different blacklists to determine if the site is blacklisted by anyone. Secondly, we\’ve implemented a third-party malware scanner on our server that specializes in shared hosting malware types. All sites are scanned upon being added to our servers (all existing sites have already been scanned) and the scanner randomly re-scans sites every day.
There is just 9 days left in a our $19.95 Business hosting sale (and YES, that price is permanent if you buy by the end of February.) Take advantage today and contact our team!

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