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U.S. Treasury Web Sites Hacked

According to security vendor AVG, three websites belonging to the US Department of the Treasury were hacked yesterday, and turning into malware serving sites instead. It is unknown at this time if the sites have all been cleaned, but as of late yesterday afternoon all the sites had been taken offline.
This latest high-profile attack is a perfect reminder of the vulnerability all websites face, and the importance of taking steps to protect your online business against hacking attempts. Nerds On Site offers NerdCare Assurance packages to our hosting clients that protect against just this sort of attack. Two parts of our Assurance package work hand in hand to protect you from hackers.
The first is our hack detection system – every our our system takes a cryptographic signature from each and every of the thousands of files in your website, and then compares those signatures against our database records of your clean website. If any change is noticed, our team is notified immediately, not just that someone has modified code in your website, but the exact spot the code was modified. If our team determines that your website was indeed hacked, they can immediately switch to our disaster recovery tool, also covered for free with your NerdCare Assurance plan. Our team will then know exactly which file to restore, immediately restoring your website to perfect, healthy operation.
There is no such thing as a hack proof website, as this latest incident with a government website proves. However, hosting your website with Nerds On Site, and protecting it with one of our NerdCare Assurance plans will give you protection unparalleled in the industry today. Contact us today to learn more!

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