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Using SMTP In Your Website

It is very common these days for a website to send out email, usually because of a contact form, but for many other reasons including the sending of newsletters to clients.  When building the mail component of your website, ensure that you or your developers build a proper SMTP connector to send all your email.
Are you running a Content Management System?  These tutorials will show you how to setup your site to use SMTP correctly:

If your website is custom coded, your developer will need to ensure that the mail components use a proper SMTP connection with SSL and outgoing email authentication.  By using these settings, you will significantly increase the reliability of the email from your website, and you\’ll avoid a lot of lost email.  If your website is hosted with Nerds On Site, our team will not be able to help troubleshoot problems if your site isn\’t using a proper SMTP connection.
One solution that many developers use is the PHPMailer library from Worx International.  This library is free and relatively easy to implement for a PHP site.
Another solution is the Nerds On Site Development Team.  Our team can quote to upgrade your website to use a proper SMTP connector for all your outgoing email.
If your are upgrading a mail connector on your site (or building a new one) you can use the following settings:

  • SMTP Port is 465
  • You need to use SSL or TLS
  • You need to use a valid email address and password on our system to authenticate your connection.

As always, our team is available to answer all your questions!

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