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Volunteer English Teaching in Thailand

If you can speak English, with just a little bit of training you could teach it too! Dragonfly has been teaching English to Thai students for over six years, through fun English camps and volunteers placed at public schools and orphanages around the country. Just one volunteer can easily make a difference to hundreds of students by helping them learn this important global language and build an interest in the world at large.
\"\"Could you really make it as an English teacher? There’s a lot to know and learn, to be an effective teacher, but at the same time it’s easy to start. It’s a lot easier to teach through fun, games and activities than stale lectures. Students love to sing songs and compete against each other for the fun of it, and if they learn something along the way, great! Other students are dedicated and have a strong thirst that needs to be quenched. These students can gain a great benefit from having native English speakers around to listen to and chat with.
The Thai school term runs from May to February, and the DCF runs training programs and arranges volunteer placements twice each term. For information, visit our volunteering website:
$10USD will be donated by Nerds On Site to the Dragon Fly Community Foundation for each hosting account sold during the month of December, 2010. Contact our team (1-877-MY-NERDS) today to switch to Nerds On Site hosting!

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