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I was at a client site earlier today (home user). His hard drive is failing, so I let him know I would need to get one, and come back. He asked me to take his desktop computer with me and work on it over the weekend. I explained that we are not allowed to remove hardware from a client location, barring extreme circumstances, and there are forms to fill out for that.
He jumped on that, asking for the forms, and said he would sign them \”right now\”. When I further explained the reasoning, that even though Nerds On Site does carry Error/Omissions insurance, our policy is to not transport personal data off-site, and explained why.
He agreed it is a good policy (twice), and appreciated our attention to detail (for even a Home user). He again asked if I had the forms with me, and that he had no issue signing off.
While I normally do carry a copy of the forms in my bag, this was by far from an extreme case, so I told him I didn\’t have them with me.
The client explained that he is happy with waiting until Monday. He also said he is very happy with the honesty, and integrity of Nerds On Site. He knows we are looking after him.
[This post was contributed by Kevin O\’Reilly, a Nerd In Brampton, Ontario]

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