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What can an app do for your business?

\"WhatDoes your business have an app for smartphones yet? If yes, how\’s it working out for you? If your business doesn\’t have one, does it need one? The answer to that probably comes from knowing your clients.

  • Are your clients time-poor and equipped with a smartphone?
  • Are your clients the type that would rather have your app than visit your website?
  • Can geo-location (knowing where your client is) amplify your virtual services?
  • Can information gathering such as tagged photos be simplified from a smartphone?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you just may want to consider a smartphone app for your business. We would like to feature just one of our client\’s smartphone app here:
\"\"Company: Carruthers Nicol Insurance Inc.
Business: Insurance Broker
Purpose of the Mobile App: Make it easy for clients to connect with them for insurance policy updates or to report and process a claim
Client testimonial:
\"\"This app is clearly designed for a client on an iPhone or Android to be able to easily interact with CNII. When used as an app vs a website, even a mobile-optimized one, it is more quickly located, faster to operate, and is catered to the types of uses it may be expected of from the smartphone holder such as reporting a claim, including submission of photos, accident details, etc.
If you have a business that might need an app, please don\’t hesitate to call us at our toll-free numbers in these countries:
North America: 1-877-696-3737 (1-877-MYNERDS)
South Africa: 0800-696373 (0800 MYNERD)
UK: 0800 836 3737 (0800 83 NERDS)
Australia: 1800-696-373 (1800 MYNERD)

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