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What Did You Get For Christmas?

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Did you get a shiny new computer or laptop for Christmas? Did it come with a 30 day antivirus trial, and a bunch of other software you\’re pretty sure you\’ll never use? Many computers come with pre-loaded software, simply because the manufacturers make partner deals with other vendors. Trouble is, most of that software only slows down the computer, and there\’s no point having something installed that you won\’t use.
A Nerd can help you understand how to do things on your computer that you want to do, and set things up for you so you don\’t have to worry about annoying program updates, Windows Updates, and programs starting up with Windows that you don\’t want.
We can install a trusted, lightweight, and effective anti-virus, and install trusted anti-spyware programs as well, and teach you how to use them so you won\’t have to worry about getting infected! That said, we can teach you about safe computing practices to further limit the chances of future problems!
We can also get your new computer \”talking\” to your other computers, your printers, and any other devices, including your smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc). We can help you with any questions you have about your smart phone as well!
If you have a copy of Microsoft Office, we can install that for you, or show you alternatives that work just as well in most cases, and teach you how to use them!
If you want to use Skype to call friends and family during the holidays and into the New Year (to save a bundle on long distance charges), we can set that up for you, too!
Give us a call today! We\’ll give you a price range of what we expect it to cost, and arrange a day and time to come on-site or help remotely!

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