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What is a Cloud Server?

Nerds On Site recently started selling Cloud Servers to our clients, and you may be wondering what a Cloud Server actually is, and how you can use it to increase the productivity, profitability and pleasure in your business. In this article, we will try to explain the definition of a cloud server, and in tomorrow article we\’ll go over the different options in our offerings.
A cloud server\’s greatest strength is its flexibility and scalability. A cloud server has the ability to increase or decrease it\’s resources depending on your needs. For example, if your business is just starting out, you may want a cloud server with a minimal amount of storage space, but as your business grows, you find that you need to increase your storage capacity drastically. In a traditional model, you would need to purchase a new server with an eye on your storage needs for the next 5 years, thus increasing your upfront start-up costs greatly. With a Nerds On Site cloud server, you will only pay for what you need today, and can easily increase any of your resources at any time in the future, thus growing your cloud server with your business!
Because a cloud server can be purchased to meet your existing and current needs, and then grown to fit new needs in the future, you only pay for what you need. This gives you business an incredible value, especially when you consider the future expandability possibilities. A cloud server finally brings about future proofing for your business, and all for the best price possible.
Geographical Options
Hosting a cloud server near your business or near your clients is important to reduce latency and load times. In essence, locating your server closer to your clients makes your online applications run faster. Nerds On Site leverages the Amazon cloud to provide you with many geographical location choices, including USA East, USA West, Ireland, Singapore and Tokyo.
One more great feature of a cloud server is it\’s ability to move between data centers and geographical locations. While there are limitations on doing this, most requests can be accommodated.
Tomorrow we\’ll go over some more of the options of our cloud server offerings, but if you are too eager to wait, get in touch with our team today!

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