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What to Look for in a New Provider

When choosing a hosting provider, uptime and availability is perhaps the most critical aspect to look at.
The first question you should ask is ‘Does my potential hosting provider have a trust website – a site that provides complete statistics on their availability?’ You would be amazed at how quickly you can eliminate hosting providers just on that one question, because even most of the largest providers do not provide such transparency. And without this transparency, how can you possibly trust them? What would you be going on?
The second question, should this potential provider pass the first question, is what is their actual uptime? If your potential provider does provide their statistics, you should remember that the bar is at least 99.9% uptime. Anything less is simply not a number you should accept.
In 2009, Nerds On Site achieved 99.9191% uptime across ALL our systems, and we are aiming for at least 99.999% uptime in 2010. Our 2009 availability numbers put us in the top 87 of all hosting providers world-wide for uptime. Our goal in 2010 is to be in the top 5 world-wide. Watch our trust site ( for up to the day statistics!

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