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When Was the Last Time You Had a Full Day of Crisis and Was Thankful for it?

\"\"[This post is from Wendy Smith, a Nerd in Johannesburg, SA.]
[Another local Nerd] brought up a VERY interesting question at our POD Meeting on Friday. It went something like this…
How much did you learn on a \’not-so-good\’ day, as opposed to how much did you learn on a good day when everything went well?
I learned more than I could have ever imagined possible this week during my \”not-so-good-week\”, which was fraught with crisis on top of each other. I dug deep and made sure I used the towel to soak up the tears instead of throwing it in. I discovered an ability to make the most out of extenuating circumstances, and I persevered beyond the point I normally would not have! I\’ve become a better person for it – I have much more peace in my heart – I know I can OVERCOME – I know there are many in the team who helped in my time and need, and their support is MUCH appreciated.
Thank you for easing the bend in my learning curve! In hindsight: I\’m thankful for my \’not-so-good\’ week, and look forward to ones to come, because I WILL overcome them!

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