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Why Nerds On Site … (Pricing)

This week we will take a quick look at: Pricing – Flat rate vs hourly?
You get what you pay for, but you don\’t want to pay extra to someone that is taking their time to get the job done (especially when you\’re paying hourly). With a flat rate structure, you know there will be no hidden surprises when the project is done. Just like all Nerds On Site services, we use a flat rate model – before we start, we provide the final cost to you. Of course, there are times that a new project feature is added, but we also quote those as a flat rate.
The main difference why a project should be hourly instead of flat rate is if the scope of the work can\’t be defined. There are clients that are unsure of what they need, and have constantly changing criteria. Stopping each time to redefine the scope would drastically slow down development so in turn, an hourly model can be used.
However, if you\’ve defined the scope of work and and your developer insists on hourly, then there is a good chance the developer doesn\’t understand what you need. You may want to reconsider using them email us instead.
Check back next week when we cover why \”Professional Manner\”, can be so important when hiring a developer.

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