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Why Nerds On Site … (Services Offered)

Imagine you have just received the final copy of your website, and you realize you forgot a couple important things. What other services does your Developer offer?
At Nerds On Site we maintain constant contact with you to provide progress reports in order to ensure the project is going on task. We don\’t simply show you what is done, we ask you what is needed and offer suggestions on making it better, thus giving you the incite and ability to see what needs to be changed or even removed. This is offered simply as part of our work ethic in developing your project.
Once the development is done, we are still in contact after in case there are a few minor changes, and we often will do that free of charge. But for those people that do not wish to maintain and update their own site we do offer our Hosting NerdCare protection plan. This often encompasses the updates needed to keep the site current, 24/hour hack detection, updates to the content of the site, not to mention if you host with us you can centralize your cost. What I mean is, the average person would have to buy a domain name, and then renew that based on the time frame they purchased for. Then they would have to buy a hosting account which they pay monthly for. In some cases people will own multiple domain names that link to their site, but they will have purchased it from multiple company\’s. So now you may have 3 set\’s of renewals to keep track of. Where if you host with us, it is all taken care of and centralized.
What good is a website if it is not going to be properly maintained from all levels?
Check back next week when we cover why \”Graphics\”, can be so important when hiring a developer.

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