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Why One Client Switched to Nerds Shared Hosting for Their Website

[this post is from Ben Wiper, a Nerd in Nova Scotia, Canada]
\”It\’s waaaaay faster!\”
Those are the words of my client who recently switched from another provider\’s dedicated web server to Nerds Shared Linux Hosting package.
My client had a dedicated server with assisted server support from another provider for around $300/month.
After confirming some things with our Hosting Team, I approached my client about switching to Nerds Hosting with Nickel NerdCare (no CMS, so Silver is not an option).
With much (MUCH!) assistance from our team, we were able to migrate their massive subscriber and article database, front-end, back-end, and email distribution scripts over to our new system.
The end results:
-client now has a trial subscription form, subscribe online form, and daily publication distribution mechanism that is far more secure
-Client retains the same level of support for their hosting
-Client will save about $225/month
-Proven 20-30% faster performance on database queries and page load times
-Happier client with more money in their wallet!
The client is now planning to convert their site to WordPress with Nerds and upgrade to our Silver NerdCare in the next 6-12 months!

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