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Why Register Domains with Nerds On Site?

If you are considering registering domain names, perhaps for the purpose of parking them for future use, or to forward them to another website, you have many choices with whom to register. There are many factors to consider, such as price, protection, automation, organization, etc. You may be wondering, why pay Nerds On Site to manage my domains, when I could pay another company less money for the same domain registration?
Nerds On Site takes a very different approach to domain registration than other registrars. Many of our standard features cost extra at other registrars, which result in an increased workload for you in managing your domains, or increased costs. Nerds On Site includes at no extra charge features such as domain protection. This ensure that your domain will not be stolen by nefarious parties, or even allow you to get tricked into letting your domain go.
Our domain management portfolio, included with every account, is equivalent or superior to third-party management tools that cost $49/month. Other features, such as domain locking, are extra cost at other registrars.
Consider carefully what purpose you are registering your domains, and how precious they are to your company. Do want properly secured domains managed in a fully featured domain portfolio? Then consider Nerds On Site and the few extra pennies a month that we charge compared to our competitors. Contact us today for more information on how our domain portfolio tools can help your business!

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