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Why We Charge Per Solution and Not Per the Hour

We know you want to save your money, not spend it, and the money you do spend must have value and a solution attached to it. We get that. That\’s why we don\’t charge for the time it takes to do a job, but rather for the service itself. Whether it takes us one hour or four hours, you won\’t pay a cent more.
We have flat-rates for our services, so you know exactly what you\’ll pay before the work even starts. That said, if related problems are discovered, we will be upfront with you about the work and the cost before moving ahead with the work. Simple.The way it should be.
In addition to that, we reduce the price of add-on services for the same service call.
Due to economic (cost of living) factors in different regions, pricing can differ. For the sake of argument, let\’s say a proper System Cleanup costs $199+tax. If you have two systems that need a cleanup, or you ask us to resolve a printer issue, a discount will be applied for both.
It\’s important to note that our goal is not simply to \”fix\” things as they break, or be on-site only when there is a problem.  Once we have earned your trust, we will suggest monthly NerdCare, which includes Monitoring. This allows us to be alerted for minor and major issues and identify solutions much faster than traditional means, thus reducing (or eliminating) downtime, stress, and frustration.
That said, NerdCare also has flat-rate costs (customized to each client\’s needs), so once again you know exactly what it will cost, and the services provided, giving you tremendous peace of mind.

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