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Why Windows 8 May Be Targeting Consumers and not Businesses

——video clip will appear here when it\’s released on YouTube——
In a recent episode of the podcast Windows Weekly, There was a discussion about whether Windows 8 will target consumer or business clients, and all three hosts seemed to agree that it will target consumers and businesses in the years to come, once things are improved and fine-tuned.
Of course, once it hits stores, anyone can buy it and use it, or decide to have Windows 7 instead. Microsoft seems determined to provide a \”unified\” experience across devices, whereas Apple has OS X for the desktop, and iOS for mobile devices. Their reasoning is that they are different types of devices being used in difference ways.
What do you think? Should businesses use Windows 8 when it is released, or will it be more popular with consumers? Or will it not be popular at all, and equal the failure of Windows ME or Windows Vista?
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