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Why WordPress?

With thousands of clients around the world whose virtual existence we support and maintain, we sometimes get asked \”Why WordPress?\” when it comes to a Content Management System (CMS). In some people\’s minds, it is still just software for blogging. Let me explain why it\’s a feature-rich CMS that is usually the best choice for our clients\’ Internet-facing public presence:

  1. Easy to use for our clients. This matters a great deal because most clients want to have control of content on their own website without having to know anything about html, css, php, or anything that isn\’t English. With WordPress, they are able to modify individual pages, create/manage forms, change banners of images, etc. Many of them don\’t run a blog at all. Folks of all generations can easily manage a website using WordPress.\"\"
  2. WordPress has the highest market share. By itself this is not important. However, the fact that it is by far the highest in market share (over 55% of the top 1 million sites), means that there is a strong community around it, a lot of choice in plug-ins, extras, and security issues are addressed more quickly and efficiently than other platforms.
  3. The Themes. If you ask folks that have tried and switched between Content Management Systems \”Why are you still with WordPress?\” they tend to mention Themes. Themes allow you to quickly and easily adapt a look and feel with a few clicks. There are tons of free and commercial themes – just hop on over to and take a look.
  4. Many well-known brands use WordPress. To see a sampling visit the showcase site at
  5. Finally, and possibly most importantly, Nerds On Site can provide an anti-hack guarantee. Check out our Business Hosting section for the ongoing Hack Detection. \"WhyAll software contains bugs. To keep a website from being compromised it requires continuous patching/updating as well as hack detection that alerts the administration to a deface or hack attempt so it can be immediately reversed and further protected. This is what Business Hosting covers for our clients.

If you have any reasons why you chose (or chose NOT to) use WordPress, we would love to hear it in the comments below.

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