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Why Would Anyone Want Access to Your Network?

[this is an excerpt from a previous post by David Redekop going into much more detail on why securing your network is important.]
\”I actually personally met a successful business person this week (let’s call him Bill) who admittedly didn’t care if his network was breached, until I pointed out the dangers (and I’m sure there are more):

  • His network and Internet access could be used by a criminal to carry out criminal activities while Bill will carry responsibility as his Internet connection was used.
  • Casual sniffing of his activities online can be captured and in a short while enough data can be gathered to steal his identity or anyone’s identity using his network.
  • Any equipment that hosts data of any sort is much more vulnerable to attacks “from the inside” when your network is widely accessible.\”

Why would anyone want to access your network? The better question is: why would you give them the opportunity and put your data and personal information at risk?

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