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Why You Need a Website for Mobile Devices

Cell phones are the fastest selling kind of computer in the world, and as more people use Smart Phones such as iPhones, Blackberries, and Android phones, the demand to view content on them is increasing at a phenomenal rate.
Companies need to offer a mobile version of their website, or risk alienating potential clients, as everyone is on the go now, and use their cell phones to not only communicate, but search for information, find places, and learn.
Most web hosts offer the ability to create a mobile website, including GoDaddy, Nerds Hosting, 1and1, and Bluehost. Those that don’t are missing out on clients. Some web hosts even specialize in creating mobile versions of a client’s website, such as, and
It’s important to have a mobile version of your website, and provide clients with easy ways to do everything from mobile billing, search, and quick access to the most important parts of your website. If they are forced to navigate a full website on their mobile phone, they aren’t likely to make a return visit.
According to, “There are four times as many mobile phones sold as PCs. That\’s 1.3 billion people who can access the internet on their mobiles.” also claims that “28% of mobile Americans would use their phone for purchases, but the companies with whom they do business make it difficult to do so.”
The cost for hosting a mobile website ranges. It also depends how complex they are. Mobile websites go through the same creation and process as regular websites, the only difference is they are designed for cell phones or Smart Phones.
There is even a domain name specifically allocated for mobile websites, .mobi, which indicates to people that when they visit a website with a .mobi extension, they are visiting a version of the website that must be designed for mobile devices.
Many companies add a sub-domain, such as “” , or “”, both indicate the website is designed for mobile use, but are not always guaranteed to work.
Other benefits of mobile websites mean they are designed for mobile devices, and will provide a good user experience.
Contact our team today to learn how we can create a mobile version of your website, or add a .mobi domain extension to your online holdings.

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