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Why Your Computer May Not Be “Fine” Even If You Think It Is

I spend my days helping residential and business clients use and understand technology, and it amazes me how often I encounter computers that are in need of work, even when clients are content with the system’s performance.
People simply want their computers to work, and to avoid having to deal with problems on a regular basis. We all put up with little issues, as long as computers do what we want them to.  Many people perform regular maintenance and scans, but may not use the most effective programs, or do as thorough of a job that is needed.
They believe their computer is working “fine”, and that may be true, but things like performance and day-to-day use of the computer could be improved, possibly significantly, which can result in increased productivity.
Most people are aware that it’s important to have anti-virus software, but with the plethora of options, it’s difficult to know what to use. Some are more effective than others, and personal preference is a factor, as well as what you use your computer for, and user behavior is very important as well.
While working with you on-site or remotely, a member of Nerds On Site will discuss these things with you, and help you choose the anti-virus and anti-spyware software that fits your needs.
If all you do is check your email, use Facebook, and other common tasks, there is no reason to have a full security software suite running on your computer, especially when regular maintenance is being done. In fact, a free product like Microsoft Security Essentials may be all you need. If it is business computer, we strongly recommend NOD32.
Having a proper System Cleanup done every 6-12 months is recommended, depending on how the computer is used. Nerds On Site uses multiple programs and tools to do a thorough, top to bottom cleanup, including checking for viruses and spyware, installed programs, and malicious processes running in the background, as well as optimizing the system for performance.
Although you may think your home or business computer(s) is running fine, we recommend that you have someone from Nerds On Site look at it. If it’s running well, fantastic, if not, give us the opportunity to “Wow” you!

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