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Why Your E-Mail May Be Experiencing Slowdowns and What to Do About It

\"\"[this post is from Jonathan Arnoldussen, a Nerd in Lethbridge, Canada, and a leader of our Online Services Team]
November 8th was not a good day for our e-mail clients. Basically, the server\’s response time was extremely poor, leading to our valuable clients experiencing extreme email slowdowns for much of the day. Why did this happen? On our Hosting Blog, We do our best to give a quick overview, what we are doing to resolve this problem, and what our clients can do to help.
You may look at your inbox right now and remark that you really don’t have that much email in it.  However, if you have not set the ‘Remove from server’ options, all that email does still exist on our mail server, and thus your email client is still scanning all that email.  Even though you think it was deleted, it actually isn’t.
Please read the article on our Hosting Blog, and learn about the problems with keeping hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of emails in your webmail inbox. Many of our Nerds have let us know that by implementing the steps in that blog article, their client\’s email experience has suddenly become a lot more pleasant!

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