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With the Help of Our Dedicated Team, We have WOWed Another Client!

This story is in regards to a client of ours in Pretoria, South Africa.
With the help of several Nerds including David Redekop, Francois Rossouw, Jonathan Arnoldussen, Dennis Houseknecht, Glen Schafer, Werdus Pretorious, and Lourens Dormehl, who spent several hours of hard work and head scratching was done right into the very early morning. Solutions were tried, and workarounds found. That morning, when the client arrived at work, he could not help but smile when he saw us waiting for him at his office.
The 10am meeting was held just after 7am, and the client made the decision to stay with Nerds On Site, even though he already had a far cheaper quote in hand from another IT company. The reason he gave for this decision? \”We’re going with Nerds On Site – they have a better team!” So lessons were learned, and fingers burnt, but with the help of our dedicated team, we have WOWed another client!

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