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World-Write Permissions

As a security precaution provided to all our clients, our hosting security system checks the security of our client\’s sites once a week. What it is doing is looking for files and folders that are set to world-writable settings, or 777 as it\’s known in the Linux world. Files or folders that are set to 777 are invitations to the entire world to write/save/delete anything they want in those folders, and of course, add any new code they want, such as porn, spam mail servers, phishing sites, etc. So, our system resets any files and folders it sees that are 777 down to a proper security level. This is the equivalent to at least closing and locking the door, while leaving files at 777 is equivalent to leaving the door actually stand open in a bad neighborhood.
If a website is hacked, very frequently the hackers will make their first order of business to change the permissions on a folder to 777 so that they have a back door to your website from then on. Our security system catches this and fixes this for our clients. Does your current hosting company do this free of charge for your company?
If your website depends on world-write permissions, please contact our Nerds Development Team, and they\’d be happy to consult on re-working your website to use proper security procedures.

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