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Worried About Someone Stealing Your Website?

Last month the Bluff City Police Department had their domain name, emails and entire website taken over by an upset member of the community. Brian McCary was able to take over the Bluff City PD\’s website because the Department\’s web hosting company (GoDaddy) took no efforts to protect their client. While GoDaddy sent many notices to the Police Department informing them that their domain would soon expire and thus become available for anyone in the public to register and own, the Bluff City Police didn\’t not get the message and thus their domain expired, allowing Brian McCary to register it and setup his own website in opposition to the Department\’s use of speed traps. (You can read an indepth article about this incident here:
Nerds On Site protects our clients by ensuring that their domains do not expire just because you are busy or away from the office due to illness. In this particular story, GoDaddy sent many emailed notices to the Police Department, but took no further action. At Nerds On Site, we take the stress of managing your online properties and replace it with a quiet calm. When our client\’s host with us, they know that nothing will happen to their hosting or domains, because our team of experts are monitoring them 24×7.
Are you worried that someone might steal your domain and website in a similar fashion as what happened to the Bluff City Police Department? Contact our team for information on how Nerds On Site will protect your online property, and can move you to our service at absolutely no charge. Contact us today!

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