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Would You Ask the Neighbour's Teenager to Fix Your Roof? So Why Let Them Build Your Website?

\"nerds-on-site-nerdmobile\"When it comes to you public image, your website is a MAJOR piece of your public image. The quality and simplicity of your site influences how long a client stays on your site to learn more about your business, or make a purchase of your services or products. Many people think the only solution is to hire the person next door, and this usually leads to failure, disappointment, and money wasted.
Did you know you can have a HIGH QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL website for as little as $1,099+tax through Nerds On Site? We take care of setting up the website, adding the content and images, make graphical changes to match your brand AND training YOU to update the site (and if you don\’t have the time or skill, we have NerdCare Assurance Packages starting at $30/month).
Interested? Send an email to [email protected] and we will give you a call to better understand your needs!
[this post is courtesy of Mark Kempe, the leader of our Nerds On Site Web Development Team.]

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