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WTH Security News August 17, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

The Secret SIMs Used By Criminals to Spoof Any Number. A must-read. However, it isn’t that difficult to spoof a number right from your mobile without a special SIM card. A cursory search finds us SpoofcardSpooftelSpoofboxSpoof my Phone, all of which have free mobile apps. Considering the activity is illegal in most jurisdictions, it is surprising how available they are.

Homeland Security details new tools for extracting device data at US borders. Border agents are able to pull data from devices and keep it for 75 years, according to the assessment. However, patched iOS devices with A12+ processors with MDM enabled have no known extraction methods.

Hackers can eavesdrop on mobile calls with $7,000 worth of equipment. The demonstration of ReVoLTE attack is our reminder that for privacy and security, use true end-to-end encryption call methods including FaceTime, Matrix (self-hosted – also a Slack alternative), WhatsApp.

Tor security advisory: exit relays running sslstrip in May and June 2020. What’s Steve Gibson’s old adage about Trust No One (TNO)? Apparently that applies to TOR exit nodes as well.

NSA and FBI warn that new Linux malware threatens national security. This is a reminder that it is possible and necessary to lock down egress control on all business infrastructure.

Did you know?

SoundSource is a power tool for a macOS productivity nerd. Controls multiple audio sources so when you want quiet background music through speakers during a headset zoom meeting while answering a facetime call, for example.

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