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WTH Security News August 3, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

There’s a Hole in the Boot. I predict this is the most critical news of the week as it will take many years for this vulnerability to be patched across the board. This will likely result in attackers and red teams utilizing this weakness to get rootkits and other malware installed without detection. NSA Advisory here. Dan Goodin says no reason to panic.

Cops Arrest 17-Year-Old Suspect in Massive Twitter Hack. Quite a story and worth reading about how social engineering still is a typical core component in an attack of this nature and scope.

This Billion Dollar Company Considers Privacy Laws a Threat to Its Business. This is a good reminder that Public Policy, non-default behaviours, as well as cautious use of technology are all positive forces to preserve privacy.

Hackers broke into real news sites to plant fake stories. As if determining real news isn’t difficult enough already.

How Cops can secretly track your phone. It’s important to note that this technology isn’t limited to law enforcement. The tools available to police is also available to organized crime, often even more advanced. Ask about QuietWalkers, should you ever need to mitigate all of these tracking techniques and still use mobile technology.

Did you know?

There are a thousand ways to uninstall modern Windows 10 apps. Here is the One Thousand and One with Bloatbox!

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