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WTH Security News October 12, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Attacks Aimed at Disrupting the Trickbot Botnet. It is worth noting, that DTTS (Don’t Talk To Strangers) *never* allows any Trickbot-infected computer to reach the authors’ controllers.

IRS Use of Cell Phone Location Data Hits ‘Legal Gray Area’ (1). U.S. Customs and Border Protection bought access to \”global\” location data collected from ordinary apps downloaded to people\’s phones — like weather apps and games — allowing U.S. border authorities to track devices outside of the United States.

Chinese hacker group spotted using a UEFI bootkit in the wild. Targets included diplomatic entities and NGOs in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Over time, as such tools become commoditized, become more widely used.

Tyler Technologies paid ransomware gang for decryption key. To prove that the decryptor was valid, BleepingComputer was able to decrypt encrypted files uploaded to VirusTotal at the time of the ransomware attack.

Latest Version of MalLocker Android Ransomware Packs New Tricks. Just can’t make this up. Ransomware on Android now.

Did you know?

The FBI monitors the darkweb continuously. Via NC3 (National Cybercrime Unit of Canada) and subsequently the local London Police, Nerds On Site was alerted about being a potential victim of cybercrime. Be vigilant. Use 2FA everywhere.

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