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WTH Security News October 5, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Microsoft\’s Azure AD authentication outage: What went wrong. It\’s been a rough week for Microsoft users who have first- and third-party apps that rely on Azure Active Directory for authentication. Microsoft has published a root-cause analysis of its issues.

Russia\’s Fancy Bear hackers likely penetrated a U.S. federal agency. Excellent details are provided on the attack vector and even IOCs (Indicators of Compromise). Similar strategies get used with small business cyber attacks. A gentle reminder that proper egress control stops attacks like this in their tracks.

This Is What Palantir And The LAPD Know About You. Fascinating read, but you may need some coping mechanisms after this wakeup call on how much more power law enforcement has with this information about us that may or may not be true.

Helping to pay off ransomware hackers could draw big penalties from the feds. Anyone who helps ransomware victims pay off hackers who are under U.S. sanctions could face stiff punishment themselves, the Treasury Department said Thursday.

\’It Won\’t Happen to Me\’: Employee Apathy Prevails Despite Greater Cybersecurity Awareness. This is why *systems* for security continue to gain in important priority.

Did you know?

DNSharmony Beta Launch program was announced. Very exciting future ahead for sysadmins, business owners, parents, users. This is ADAMnetworks pivot to a freemium business model.

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