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Your server is planning on going down

\"ServerExperience tells us that the number one reason for failure on server equipment is a failed hard drive. However, the time-frame is completely unpredictable. It could be the first month or a year after the warranty expired, or anywhere in between.
This reality should not cause you to break a sweat, though. In years past, it was an expensive option to have assured Business Continuity, or, as it was often called, a Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan that you could rely on. Our clients now think of it more as an insurance policy for as little as $250/month, and no matter what happens to your server (or servers), a little \”black box\”, also known as a BDR appliance, can take over the responsibilities of the failed server(s) and keep your business running, so you can peacefully take the time required for the main production equipment to be repaired or replaced.
Business Continuity is only one of many features that are part of our NerdCare packages, or it can be purchased on its own. Check in with your favourite nerd today for a free quote!

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