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Your Website Needs an Oil Change Too!!

One of the most disheartening experiences for me is to listen to a client who has just found out their website is broken, and they don\’t understand how or why that happened. All the client knows is that their website worked when it was built (usually years ago) but now some aspects of it just don\’t operate properly.
WHY does this happen? Websites are like everything else in life – they breakdown absent of regular maintenance. Your car needs a regular oil change, brake inspection, engine tuneup, etc in order to continue operating at the same level as when you purchased it. Your computer needs regular updates for the OS and software, especially as new vulnerabilities and bugs are found. In the world of the Internet, technology moves quickly – web languages evolve, vulnerabilities are discovered, old technologies are discontinued, unsecure practices are marginalized or blocked…
WHAT can you do to maintain your website? It\’s easy – add Hosting NerdCare! Hosting NerdCare is designed to keep your website maintained and UP. Websites powered by Joomla or WordPress are currently supported, and our team regularily updates these sites to ensure that they are using the latest standards and technologies.
Contact our team today to learn how Hosting NerdCare can help keep YOUR website in tip top shape!

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