Mar 20, 2023
Matthew Kirkland

100-point cybersecurity checklist: preparing your business.

The SME Edge is a comprehensive cybersecurity package for businesses that includes a Hardware Package, Software Package, and Deployment Package designed to offer your business maximum cybersecurity protection.

As part of our Deployment of the SME Edge, our Clients benefit from a 100-point cybersecurity deployment process that comprehensively ensures maximum protection from cyber criminals.

The SME Edge Deployment Package

Hardware Deployment

Every SME Edge comes with a hardware package configured for maximum cybersecurity for your business. Part of the Nerds On Site 100-point cybersecurity deployment checklist ensures that all hardware is properly set up and configured to protect your business from cybercriminals.

Software Deployment

The SME Edge also includes a comprehensive software package backed by patented AI Zero Trust technology.

Security Awareness Training

Our deployment package offers comprehensive support for your business leaders.

  • Password Training & Hygiene
  • Remote Computer Access Training
  • Public WiFi Training
  • Phishing / Smishing Training
  • Ransomware / Malware Training

Security Implementation

We deploy a deep profile of computer, mobile, people, and network configurations for maximum security.

  • Hardware Pass-Keys (Provided)
  • Darkweb Scanning & Password Vulnerability Check
  • Password Manager Implementation & Training
  • Security-Based Web Browser Security Configurations
  • Computer & Device Security Configurations
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Now a cyber-insurance requirement)
  • Mobile Device Security Configurations
  • Securely Configure Backup

Combined, the SME Edge offers an unbeatable level of cybersecurity for your business. Our 100-point deployment checklist ensures your business is properly secured from cyber criminals and malicious actors.

Order the SME Edge for your business today.