Mar 20, 2023
Matthew Kirkland

SME Edge: The business cybersecurity complete package.

The SME Edge is a cybersecurity solution that provides the hardware, software, and deployment support needed to protect modern businesses from cyber threats.

SME Edge: Hardware Package

Dedicated Business-Grade Networking Hardware

Every package of the SME Edge is provided with a security-configured dedicated business-grade network hardware package.

Some businesses rely on traditional routers or router packages their internet service provider provides. This can be an insecure and vulnerable option.

Available features of the SME Edge Hardware Package:

  • Business-Grade Security Gateway
  • Wall-Mount Security Cabinet
  • UPS Battery
  • Unifi Managed Layer2 Switch
  • EdgeRouterX For Duel Internet Connections
  • Managed WiFi
  • Cellular Connectivity Failover (Cellular Plan Excluded)
  • Network Segmentation
  • VPN Tunneling For Remote Workers
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement uptime backed by 24/7/365 direct support.
  • 3 Year Hardware Replacement Warranty

SME Edge: Software Package

Patented AI Zero Trust Connectivity & Cyber Security Software

The SME Edge software package provides an industry-leading Zero Trust connectivity and cyber security platform powered by patented artificial intelligence.

This extraordinary AI technology allows for automated protection to be deployed in real-time, giving businesses the safety they need from today’s ever-changing cyber threats. The software is also customizable, allowing businesses to create a tailored security solution that meets their needs.

Available features of the SME Edge Software Package:

  • DTTS Don’t Talk to Strangers: Patented AI Zero Trust Technology.
  • DNS Forwarding Module: Control DNS forwarding on a per-domain basis.
  • Adaptive Allowlisting: A default block-all, allow-some rule set that uses AI and machine learning to vet net locations.
  • Block Harmful Content: Use any supported DNS firewall to block harmful content.
  • Block Ads: Speed up your web experience by removing advertisements.
  • Block Behavioural Profiling: Block tracking and cookies for improved business privacy.
  • Block Cryptojacking: Block browser-based cryptocurrency mining, which slows you down.
  • Force Safe Search: Clean up you search results for Google and Bing searches.
  • Force YouTube Safety Mode: Select your level of safety and force it to be applied on any selected devices.
  • Manual Blocklisting: Protect any device from going to a place it shouldn’t.
  • Manual Allowlisting: Allow any specific device to go only where you tell it.
  • Custom Rule Sets Per Device: Create custom rules for every group or individual device on your network.
  • Device Schedules: Create a custom schedule for every device or group. Decide when who has internet access and what rules are applied, and when.
  • Blocklist Turbo: Optimize blocklist setups for faster download and streaming services response.

Protect Your Business Today

The SME Edge also has a 100-point business cybersecurity deployment package that you can read more about here.

Combined, the Hardware, Software, and Deployment packages lead to unprecedented protection for modern businesses.

Now protecting after 3 million devices globally, with zero widespread breaches on any of our protected devices.

Order the SME Edge for your business today.