Mar 16, 2023
Matthew Kirkland

What is Zero Trust, and why is it the best choice for cybersecurity?

Introduction to Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity approach that assumes no user or device on a network can be trusted. This means that all network elements, whether internal or external, must be treated as potential threats and have their access to resources verified before being allowed in.

Zero Trust networks are designed with multiple layers of security to maintain complete control over the system, rather than relying on a single point of authentication or authorization. This helps to ensure that any unauthorized access attempt is blocked by default.

Benefits of Zero Trust for Cybersecurity

Zero Trust offers many advantages over traditional cybersecurity models regarding protection against threats. By constantly verifying network traffic in real time, Zero Trust provides an effective security solution that is both difficult to breach and easy to maintain.

By verifying all traffic connections coming into the network, Zero Trust drastically reduces the chance of malicious actors gaining access to sensitive information.

Zero Trust is designed to be adaptive and agile, allowing it to respond quickly to changes in the network. This will enable it to stay one step ahead of ever-evolving threats and helps protect delicate data from being compromised.

Zero Trust also eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual configurations, as it can be quickly and easily deployed with minimal technical expertise. This makes it an ideal choice for companies of any size looking to increase their cybersecurity without breaking the bank.

How is Zero Trust different from traditional cybersecurity?

Traditional cybersecurity models rely on perimeter-based defense systems to protect networks from outside threats. This means that users have full authority over the system once they have access, leaving it vulnerable to malicious actors.

Zero Trust eliminates this by assuming all traffic is potentially dangerous and verifying each request before granting access. This helps prevent unauthorized access and eliminates the need for manual configurations.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity models, Zero Trust does not rely on a single point of authentication or authorization, making it much harder to breach.

It also allows for more segmentation and granular control over resources, ensuring only authorized connections are granted access. This makes it an ideal choice for companies of all sizes looking to increase their cybersecurity posture.

Adam:ONE Zero Trust

The SME Edge utilizes a patented AI Zero Trust technology to protect your business: Adam:ONE.

Adam:ONE manages all incoming and outgoing connections on your network in real-time and, utilizing its powerful AI DTTS (Don’t Talk To Strangers) technology, filters out all of the bad connections before they get to your devices.

This ensures that all traffic is properly identified, validated, and authorized before being granted access. If a connection is not known as safe, it will be blocked by default, significantly reducing your business cybersecurity risk.

Adam:ONE Zero Trust also offers granular control over resources, allowing you complete control over what individual devices do and do not have access to, even at specific times of the day.

How the SME Edge can help your business

The SME Edge is a complete cybersecurity package that includes Zero Trust connectivity, a business-grade hardware package with a warranty, and a complete cybersecurity deployment package, only available from Nerds On Site.

Learn more about the SME Edge.