Mar 20, 2023
Matthew Kirkland

Zero Trust: Blocking the internet & allowing only what’s needed

To understand why Zero Trust is so effective for cybersecurity, you need to understand how the current model for cybersecurity works.

In today’s world, the traditional computer allows all connections, regardless of origin or intent. To combat this, traditional cybersecurity methods utilized firewalls to close specific connection methods based on what is known as bad.

The problem with firewalls is it doesn’t know something is bad; it doesn’t know to block it, allowing a direct connection to the computer.

Zero Trust doesn’t work like this, in fact, it works the exact opposite way.

Zero Trust is a security model that assumes no user, device, or network is inherently trustworthy and blocks all connections unless they are known to be safe.

Nerds On Site created a complete cybersecurity package to provide businesses with everything they need to stay protected. It utilizes proprietary Adam:ONE AI Zero Trust technology, specializing.

What is Zero Trust allowlisting?

Zero Trust Allowlisting cleans traffic coming into your network. By reviewing incoming network traffic, Adam:ONE Zaro Trust AI decides what connections should be allowed in real-time and blocks all other connections from accessing your system. This prevents malicious actors from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in programs or devices to gain access to your network.

How the SME Edge utilizes Adam:ONE Zero Trust allowlisting.

Built into every SME Edge package is a powerful Zero Trust software backbone right at the edge of your network that cleans all incoming traffic instantly. By default, every SME Edge-enabled device blocks the entire internet, allowing only what is known as safe.

Blocking the entire internet

We protect over three million devices globally. From small-office-home-office operations up to nationally recognized brands. Since we started protecting devices in 2018, we’ve learned that of the billions of internet addresses; the average business only needs access to up to 35,000 to operate without disruption.

Blocking all known and unknown threats

Many recent large-scale hacks have happened because a vulnerability has been discovered in popular software; the SME Edge blocks the entire internet, so it is already protected from these previously unknown threats.

Even if you haven’t updated your software to a known recent security problem, because only authorized connections will talk to your SME Edge-enabled network, you are protected by default.

Completely customizable by-device and by-time security policies.

The SME Edge allows you to configure your security policies on a by-device and even by time if needed. This means you can have different security settings for each device or user, so everyone can access the systems they need for their specific roles in your business.

Protect your business with the SME Edge